Big Bucks Click

You’re in the money!

In your future, you will most likely want something for nothing.  Nothing isn’t much in the Land of Nothing Much.

Sorry to wake you, but money will, at best, keep you as warm as ice.

Money only works when in circulation.  Squirreling it away will only delay knowing its real value.

Yet cool, hard cash is not a bad deal till soft, withdrawn and mindlessly adrift.

With God’s nudge, it’ll keep you fed and wed until the papoose joins the homestead.

But let’s cut to the chase – the rocky bottom of Earth-Planet logic, truth, and emancipation from lies both given and received – and find out  with certainty just what kind of human you transparently are rather than how you  claim or aim to be.

Why You Want English for Money?

Why You Want Money for English?

So which is your hostage, English or Money?

Lost?  Wakaranai? No comprende? Tell us what you yearn more than just the power of money.

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